Born of humble beginnings, spending her early childhood in a small Ontario town called Crystal Beach, Cheryl was highly inquisitive, loved nature and animals and loved exploring and meeting new people, (much to the frustration of her parents who would often find their four year old “wandering minstrel” in some distant neighbor’s home or business entertaining the occupants, rewarded with ice cream and cookies).  

Later, as the family grew and moved away, she faced some painful lessons from a troubled parent, losing much of her self-esteem, but never her inquisitive nature. This time, however, it became a driving force within her, for getting answers, to discover the secrets of life and reasons for all the injustice and hardship she witnessed and experienced. It was initially to re-gain her self-confidence to be successful in business (a passion of hers), which she did, opening many new opportunities for women where there were none. Her studies never ceased, however, even while working full-time as the sole support of her family. She read hundreds of books, took numerous self-development and business courses, studied many religions, ancient texts and sciences, and discovered the “Laws behind the Laws”.  Her thirty-five year sales career allowed her to record numerous testimonies and experiences from hundreds of customers, compiling them all as a free-lance journalist would, endeavoring to find the “One Truth” that would bind them all together and make sense of what she experienced and witnessed in life and in business.

It was not until she started her own business in 1999 (becoming the C.E.O. of the “S.H.E. Centre Corporation’s Nature Retreat Experience”), that the miracles she’d had in the past became ever more frequent and profound, assuring her that she now possessed the final pieces to complete her “puzzle of life”. She also received assurances that her work in empowering and healing others would continue. However, Spirit had more for her to see and created the unexpected events that would allow her to travel across North America to see a side of life she did not know existed—seeing thousands of citizens suffering with addictions, homelessness and poverty, experiencing it all “first-hand”, realizing it was all due to a system that was broken and highly destructive.

Seeing the unnecessary decimation of our planet and the human suffering our systems have caused through man’s controlled ignorance, prompted the writing of this, her first book—a compilation of discoveries, experiences and solutions to “wake up the world”—solutions that could heal millions of people, eliminate poverty the world over, bring peace, freedom and justice back to people and save our planet’s resources, wildlife and beauty for generations to come (as these truths spread). A book that is her legacy and her continuous goal: to “plant a seed” and “make a difference” in the world. Now, in her retirement years, she hopes to again start a nature and wildlife retreat to continue her work in healing and assisting souls in their evolution and helping those who wish to “Make a Difference” as well.   

Cheryl Hill-Lavalle is a Writing Award Finalist of the 2020 Page Turner Awards