With the myriad of books in the market today, why read THIS ONE?

Because “How to Control an Entire Planet” covers everything you’ve ever been curious about (but may have failed to get clear answers on)—everything you ever wanted to know about life and “Mastering your place in it”.

It is a book of “Answers” and “Solutions” for abundant living, revealing the secrets of our very existence and a “Problem-Solver” for all our daily concerns. It is a book that reveals how to preserve our planet’s natural resources and environment, how to comfortably weather climate change, revealing the secret to agelessness and how to develop immunity to every illness and disease.

However, we must first discover what is “TRUE”, who we really are, what we’re up against, and the things we need to change to end human suffering. This story will take you back in time, long ago when it all started and plans were made for a future that would be bleak for mankind and our planet’s future survival. We have had much information hidden from us over the centuries, all to keep the majority of our population controlled and submissive to those in authority who control the most wealth. It is only in discovering “Truth” and our innate potential for change that we can regain our sovereign rights as human beings to freedom, prosperity and justice for all.

This book, written in love for humanity, with a concern for our environment and the wildlife that inhabit it, now appears to be fulfilling several prophesies in its final appearance and telling. It began seven years ago, after the great “shift” of Dec. 21, 2012, ushering in a time of “No More Secrets” that ensured “safety” to all those who revealed “truth”. The first five chapters erupted in a flurry, followed by years of compiling additions, validations and solutions, finally emerging in the “Year of the Virus (2020)”, prophesied to be the year when: “much darkness would be revealed and witnessed globally, allowing more people to “awaken” and increase their potential for change”. It has time and time again been validated that: “only through the light of “awareness” can benevolent change occur—change that will enhance the health, abundance and future happiness for all those who believe”.

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IMPORTANT TIPS for the average reader:

1) Keep an “open” mind and suspend your current beliefs. Realize we’ve been taught and conditioned to believe a great deal of misinformation over the centuries. It may help to read it as though it is a “Science-Fiction, Mystery/Thriller” (since the first 5 chapters were channeled and narrated by an ancient race who felt “planetary takeovers were easy”). It could even be viewed as a giant “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”, imagining, if you will, a tale of a distant and inhabited planet (before earth was populated), and what caused their eventual destruction. You won’t be far from the truth!

2) Avoid getting bogged down in a cause you’re passionate about solving or doing more research on. Just make notes on the pages provided and come back to it later. As you read further it will all come together and make perfect sense; then you’ll discover the easiest and simplest solutions to rectify “EVERYTHING” in your life!

Enjoy your journey down the “Rabbit-hole of the Matrix”,
knowing you’ll emerge with a new gift of healing and empowerment!  

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